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In-Spire issue “Beyond Critiques & Deconstruction” (Выпуск «По ту сторону критики и деконструкции») - конкурс на публикацию. Срок подачи заявок - 30 марта 2007 г.


Type of publication: online

Publication date: April 2007

Topics: The new issue of In-Spire will seek explore how intersectionality of ideas and practices shapes 'beyond critique' to rethink new/radical ways of philosophical positioning from a range of perspectives in practice (e.g.: ethics, critical legal, socio-legal, anthropology, environment, politics, media and communications, security studies, gender, criminology). The articles should help our understanding of the compelling 'beyond' critiques of inclusion and exclusion, which undermine all or most claims to empirical "truth".

Deadline: March 30, 2007

Email: r.dasgupta@in-spire.org
Website: http://www.in-spire.org/current.html