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4-й Международный семинар "Прикладные системы и службы в финансовой сфере (FinanceCom 2008: 4th International Workshop on Enterprise Applications and Services in the Finance Industry)


Deadline: September 1st 2008

Place: Paris, France

Date: December 13th 2008

FinanceCom 2008 invites papers that help to understand, drive and exploit the associated systems, technologies and opportunities. The workshop spans multiple disciplines, including technical, services, economic, sociological and behavioral sciences. We thus welcome research from any of these disciplines, as well as cross-disciplinary work that spans multiple disciplines. We are open to various levels of analysis and methodology and especially also invite papers using the research paradigm of agent-based computational economics (ACE). Topics: - Services - Networks, markets and business models - Standardization - IT and implementations - Developing approaches for evaluating operational and credit risks as well as banking and market performance E-mail: chair@financecom.org Website: Website: http://www.financecom.org/index.html