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12th ICTR Annual Conference "Civil Society and the Global-Local Nexus: Localization of international NGOs, internationalization of local CSOs".


Date: March 18-19, 2009

Site: The Dead Sea, Israel

Organiser: Israeli Centre for Third-Sector Research (ICTR)

Topics: The main theme of ICTR’s 12th annual conference and its 2nd international conference addresses the issue of the local-global links of civil society, and particularly the questions of how international NGOs adjust to local circumstances and how local civil society organizations engage in international networks and partnerships to promote their causes locally.

Submissions are sought for papers and panels on the following themes:

  • Localization of international NGOs: how international organizations adjust to local circumstances, the effects of localization on the work, nature and missions of international NGOs, challenges in the establishment of national chapters by international NGOs, local manifestations of international and global networks and coalitions;
  • Globalization and internationalization of local and national civil societies: causes and effects of ‘going global’; mobilization of international networks and coalitions for local campaigns; the formation of international networks and coalitions; international factors affecting local campaigns;
  • The global-local nexus of civil societies: the spread of international NGOs and networks, ‘globalization’, social movements and social activism, effects of globalization on local civil societies.

 Language: English, Hebrew

Deadline: October 31, 2008

Contact: The Israeli Center for Third Sector research (ICTR), Ben-Gurion University

E-mail: ictr@bgu.ac.il

Internet: http://cmsprod.bgu.ac.il/Eng/Centers/ictr/AnnualConference (source: Internet)