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International Conference "Decent Work and Unemployment"


Date: May 26-29, 2009

Deadline: October 10, 2008

Site: Salzburg, Austria

Language: English

Organiser: Center for Ethics and Poverty Research University of Salzburg

Topics: An inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary conference seeks to examine and explore the connections of "decent work" and unemployment. In particular the project is interested in investigating the concept, context, and practice of "decent work" in its relation to unemployment, and assessing issues surrounding its moral, social, political, economic, philosophical, psychological and religious significance. The organizers are particularly interested in creative and concrete ideas of how to operationalize the concept in various contexts. They are also particularly interested in young scholars who are interested in international exchange.

Papers, work-in-progress and reports from all disciplines are invited on issues related to any of the following themes:

  • Questions of Definition (roots and aims of "decent work", definitions of "decent work" and unemployment, measuring "decent work" and unemployment, benefits and disadvantages of "decent work", questions of applying the concept of "decent work" to concrete contexts);
  • Social, Psychological, Moral and Religious Perspectives (practices of "decent work" and unemployment, connections of "decent work", unemployment and social exclusion, emotional and social effects of "decent work" and unemployment, "decent work" and unemployment Social Science News October 2008 2 and social recognition, "decent work" and "decent unemployment", "decent work" and "personal development", spiritual traditions, religions and their contributions to the concept of "decent work");
  • Legal, Economic and Political Perspectives (strategies of promoting "decent work" and fighting unemployment, "decent work" and unemployment in a knowledge-based society, "decent work" and working standards, legal and political contexts of "decent work" and unemployment, "decent work" and flexicurity, "decent work" and unemployment and the role of unions, "decent work" and new forms of work).

Papers on any other topic related to the theme will also be considered. 

Contact: Prof. Clemens Sedmak, FD Maurice Professor of Moral and Social Theology King's College London United Kingdom

E-mail: cepr@sbg.ac.at (source: Internet)