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Mobile Research Conference 2009 (MRC 2009)


Date: February 16-17, 2009

Site: London, UK

Organiser: Globalpark AG

Topics: Scholars and practitioners are invited to submit abstracts for competitive papers or posters related to at least one of the following areas:

  • Issues in mobile survey research with a strong emphasis on estimating and/or reducing survey errors (i.e., coverage, sampling, measurement, and nonresponse errors)
  • Cost efficiency of using mobile technology in survey research (i.e. cost-error balance of mobile survey research)
  • Contributions aimed at predicting and explaining mobile technology usage
  • Comparative studies using mobile technology, e.g. within multi-mode data collection frameworks or cross-cultural contexts
  • Technological advances in using mobile devices, applications, and procedures for primary data collection.

Language: English

Deadline: ongoing

Contact: Julia Schwarck, Globalpark AG, Germany

Tel.: +49 2233 7933 6

 E-mail: js@mobileresearch09.com

Internet: http://www.mobileresearch09.com