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Стратегии выживания в глубинке российской

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Опубликовано на портале: 02-12-2006
Strategics of Survival in Russia's Heart (by Oksana Bocharova). This article focuses on the strategies of survival in the Russian provinces. It has been written on the basis of data from the survey 'Poverty' conducted with the use of qualitative methods. The author treats information obtained in three small settlements - two villages and one miners' township. The types and success of strategies to a considerable extent depend on the availability and accessibility of resources in the given area. An important role in everyday existence, in urban and industrial areas alike, belongs to auxiliary farms which are now as before mainly natural economies. More profit is provided by semi-criminal ways of earning, encompassing the collection of non-ferrous metals, the system of selling stolen coal in the Kuznetsk coal basin, mass cattlelifting in Kalmykia, etc. The presence and diversity of temporary earnings depend on such factors as neighbourhood of big cities, the level of unemployment and economic situation in an area, and purchasing power of the local population. A great role in the formation of efficient strategies of survival is played by social mechanisms of support and mutual assistance, first of all, informal institutions, family, friendly links and neighbourship.
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