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Risk Effects of Alternative Winter Cover Crop, Tillage, and Nitrogen Fertilization Systems in Cotton Production

Опубликовано на портале: 21-11-2003
Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics. 2001.  Vol. 33. No. 3.
A Just-Pope model was developed to assess tillage, nitrogen, weather, and pest effects on risk for cotton grown after alternative winter cover crops. Yield risk for cotton after hairy vetch was less than for cotton with no winter cover when no nitrogen fertilizer was used to supplement the vetch nitrogen. However, because cotton after vetch has a higher production cost, farmers growing conventionally tilled cotton may be slow to adopt because risk-return tradeoffs may be unacceptable under risk neutrality and risk aversion. For risk-averse farmers who have already adopted no tillage, cotton grown after hairy vetch is risk efficient.

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