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Political terrorism in Russia, XIX - early XX century. Sources, structure, specifics

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Опубликовано на портале: 12-11-2004
"Political terrorism in Russia, XIX - early XX century. Sources, structure, specifics" (by Alexei Souvorov) looks back into the story of Russian political terrorism of the late XIX - early XX century, which rather suddenly became an agenda for current social and political preoccupations. The study is based on information collected by the author in the course of research on this social and historical phenomenon. Social sources for the rise of terrorism are analyzed, including ideological and mental specifics, political attitudes among the groups that had served as human reservoir for of a large-scale outburst of terrorist activities in Russian Empire of the time. Ethnic, religious, gender factors are also reviewed. Among many specifics listed, an unusually high degree of organization, attraction exercised by terrorist activities on the minds of students, young women, ethnic minorities and social outcasts are pointed out.
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