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Социальная напряженность в угольных регионах (по материалам исследования «Мониторинг социальных последствий реструктуризации угольной промышленности России»)

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Опубликовано на портале: 02-12-2006
Social Tension in Coal-mining Areas (by Lev Gudkov}. This article examines the assessments of the situation, made by miners, both still employed and already sacked, in six coal-mining areas of Russia, where the third wave of the survey 'Monitoring of Social Consequences of Restructuring Russia's Coal Mining' has been accomplished. It is argued that judgements pronounced by respondents are immediately related to a notion of individual prospects for a new employment or possibilities of migration to other areas where a job is available and there are some hopes for getting or buying housing facilities. Data on the participation of different categories of miners in protest actions are presented.
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