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Leading in the age of paradox: optimizing behavioral style, job fit and cultural cohesion Парадокс лидерства в возрасте: оптимизация стиля поведения, соответствие работе и культурное единство

Опубликовано на портале: 09-01-2003
Leadership and Organization Development Journal. 2002.  No. 7. P. 372-379. 
Organizations benefit from workforce diversity and also benefit from cultural cohesion. Individuals benefit from job/person fit. However, not only do individuals with diverse behavioral styles often have differing values and interests, they also tend to prefer different types of job assignments and work cultures. Thus, the simultaneous optimization of behavioral style diversity, job/person fit and cultural cohesion would seem to be impossible. This article explores this leadership dilemma and suggests that the skill of quantum thinking can be used to create quantum organizations where seemingly opposite conditions co-exist. Contemporary organizational development practices such as Future Search, Appreciative Inquiry and Dialogue provide concrete methodologies for embracing paradox and, thus, creating quantum organizations.