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Leadership moment by moment!

Опубликовано на портале: 03-10-2003
Leadership and Organization Development Journal. 1997.  Vol. 18. No. 7. P. 335-345. 
Aims to bring together some of the major perspectives and theories of leadership with some of the key practical components of eastern and western philosophy. Suggests that the current leadership theories are good foundations from which to move to a more practical and immediate experience of leadership. The major view put forward is that these concepts of leadership point to the need for "leadership wisdom". First, covers theories of leadership to provide a summary of current thinking on what is good leadership. Discusses the recent concept of "emotional intelligence" as an appropriate way to extend the way we look at the personality and skills of a leader. Introduces leadership wisdom as a way of describing effective leadership applied to the immediate situation. This wisdom can be found in themes that have existed in western and eastern philosophy for centuries. Explores these themes using stories that have come from philosophical teachings and then relates them to the central points of leadership. Uses a summary figure to portray the integration of previous leadership concepts around leadership wisdom in practice. Makes a number of suggestions that are implemented in leadership development which contribute to the development of leadership wisdom.

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