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Assuring corporate leadership for the future

Опубликовано на портале: 01-10-2003
Journal of Management Development. 2002.  Vol. 21. No. 10. P. 761-779. 
Corporate leadership development can no longer simply rely on planning the replacement of existing leaders. The function of leadership is moving from a transactional to a transitional mode and leaders will increasingly work to inspire knowledge era workers within a constantly changing organisation to embrace an unknown future. In order to meet this leadership development challenge, this article proposes a three-track model of leadership development based on theory and practice. It is aimed not at individual leaders, but at the total leadership function. The three tracks are: a business track where individuals study the total enterprise and its business environment; a leadership track which teaches behaviourally-based skills to influence individuals, teams and the total organisation; and a personal track where the individuals understand themselves and how to best manage their personal resources.

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John H. Zenger, Ed Musselwhite, Katheleen Hurson, Craig Perrin