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Quality of life and local governance under conditions of social modernization

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Опубликовано на портале: 19-07-2005
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"Quality of life and local governance under conditions of social modernization" proceeds from the idea of close interrelations between quality of life and functional effectiveness of local governance institutions. The range and quality of services for citizenship by municipalities affect both well being of people involved and realization of their political and civic rights, cultural demands, and effective 'feed-back' to the state and society. This fact, in its turn, hinders perfection of governance structures and making of civil society. The study by the authors permits to state that public moods focus on humanitarian expectations linked to social contents of current reforms. Impact of social modernization on the quality of life is uneven and contradictory due to lacking legal basis for reforms and their implementation. Improved local governance might widen popular participation in social innovations furthering progress in life quality.
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