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Stereotypes or competition? Analyzing certain gender preferences among employers

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Опубликовано на портале: 13-11-2003
"Stereotypes or competition? Analyzing certain gender preferences among employers" (by Alexandra Moskovskaya) analyzes role of gender stereotypes in work process including evaluation of male and female labor by employers and employees. Data base consists of survey results of labor relations effected by the Center for labor market research under Russian-Canadian CIDA project "Rising female 158 competitiveness in the labor market in Russia". Three kinds of data have been analyzed 1 Basic characteristics of men and women workers by the very workers and their employees. 2. Evaluation by employers of their own actions in hypotethical situations. 3. Data from real practices in production units The analysis permitted to find out contradictory positions of both employers and working men and women, as well as divergences between subjective assessments by respondents with the facts of life in their workshops. A basic conclusion is linked to hypotheses that competition between men and women leads to a considerable influence on employer's posture.

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