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Evaluating corporate board cultures and decision making (Оценка корпоративных культур и принятие решения)

Опубликовано на портале: 09-01-2003
Corporate Governance: An International Review. 2002.  No. 2. P. 27-45. 
This paper relies on a "trinity of menetypes" of group knowing which captures the essential decision-making dynamics of board membership. Formal, corporate decision-making processes require higher commitments of time and cognitive energy of directors - certainly, the requirement is of non-executive directors to make more formal contributions to the "political" process that determines corporate commitment to appropriate courses of action. There is a fundamental shift from "managerialism" to "politicism" in the corporate dynamics of organization - a shift in "menetype" driving governance dynamics. This wholesale shift in orientation has accentuated personal and group values as key determinants of corporate efficacy. The paper proposes structural reforms to corporate/agency governance conventions, including a greater focus on performance and strategy, greater independence of more effective and extensive audit processes and a greater transparency in the nomination and remuneration of top-executive appointments.
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