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Intelligentsia's leisure in Ulyanovsk

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Опубликовано на портале: 13-06-2005
The author describes leisure modes displayed by provincial intellectuals comparing soviet-time and contemporary features. The study has shown that the leisure sphere in a provincial city of today (Ulyanovsk) is socially stratified under the prime influence of occupation. The group in question (intellectuals) has managed to preserve a certain tradition in the way of life including leisure and holiday since the late XIX century through Soviet times. Yet some professions do build-up their own subcultures, with occupation serving mainly as the factor for certain life style followed by social origins and educational levels. Leisure structure similarities in differing social and professional groups might arguably be explained in case of intellectuals by specifics of existential marginality in the Russian province today. Social cultural determinants with regard to leisure and holidays are theoretically interpreted at the levels both of essence and phenomenon. The results of the study might serve also for the practical purpose of demonstrating desperate situation in the social group of teachers and professors in the higher education institutions, at least what concerns their leisure patterns.
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