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Enterprises' modernization: factors and directions

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Опубликовано на портале: 28-02-2003
"Enterprises' modernization: factors and directions" (by Evgenia Balabanova, Alexander Groudzinski and Yuri Kudryashov) describes three versions of modernization strategies as revealed on the basis of investigating large traditional (food-processing) sector of economy. Transformational processes in Russian economy stipulate these strategies. Besides two well-known and described in foreign literature external factors for modernization such as technology-push and demand-pull, one more factor is introduced for consideration. It is infavorable and unstable environment that makes enterprises to work out compensatory mechanisms to reduce negative impact from outside. Variety of strategies is a result of heterogeneous nature of food-processing sector, which includes both small underdeveloped, large-postsoviet and economically successful newly established enterprises. 'Compensatory', 'socially-limited', and 'aggressive' modernization kinds correspond to the types of enterprises.
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