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Environmental scanning and organizational culture (Анализ внешней среды и организационная культура)

Опубликовано на портале: 09-01-2003
Marketing Intelligence & Planning. 2002.  No. 1. P. 28-34. 
This paper examines the connection between environmental scanning for market intelligence, organizational culture and generic strategies. The generic strategies, based on the Miles and Snow typology, are related to the organizational culture types developed by Deshpande et al. An enhanced model of the one proposed by Deshpande et al. is presented. By providing a more complete model, it is possible to more accurately represent an organization's interaction with its environment with respect to its generic strategy and scanning approach. Propositions are presented pertaining to the type of scanning approach utilized by organizations in each quadrant. The paper concludes with planning implications for each quadrant.
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