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Developing a Leadership-Rich Culture: The Missing Link to Creating a Market-Focused Organization (Развитие лидерской культуры: потерянная связь с созданием организаций, ориентированных на рынок)

Опубликовано на портале: 09-01-2003
Journal of Market-Focused Management. 2002.  No. 2. P. 149-163. 
Much has been written about the need for organizations to be more market-focused. Authors have addressed a myriad of constructs which promote the realization of the marketing concept. This article examines leadership and its development in the context of creating a market-focused organization. It links the areas of leadership development, leadership skills, and internal customer culture to the strategy development process. The emphasis in a leadership-rich culture is on the relationships between leaders, followers, and customers. This idea parallels existing thought in the relationship marketing literature touting the benefits of relationships in buyer-seller partnerships and network structures. In addition, this article offers a leadership deployment process to create a market-focused organization from top to bottom.