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Impact of Financial Industrial Group Membership on Export Competitiveness of Russian Firms

Опубликовано на портале: 16-12-2003
РЭШ: лучшие студенческие работы. 1999.  BSP/99/029.
This paper deals with the export competitiveness for members of Russian Financial Industrial Groups (FIGs). Enterprise-level data based on Goscomstat database are used to empirically compare export shares and their change for members of FIGs with those of nonmembers. Both officially registered and informal FIGs are studied. This research includes the whole sample of exporting firms from all industries. It was found that members of FIGs, both registered and unregistered, seem to be more competitive when exporting, if compared with nonmembers in the framework of used econometric model. Further, registered FIGs seem to have similar advantages as unofficial if compared with non-members implying that registering a FIG is not a negative signal from the point of view of export competitiveness.

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