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Logistics and interdepartmental integration

Опубликовано на портале: 03-10-2003
International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management. 1996.  Vol. 26. No. 8. P. 6-14. 
Тематический раздел:
Suggests that while integration is a term that logistics discusses in an interorganizational context, integration within an interdepartmental integration is not as prevalent. Consequently, a common definition for "integration" is lacking. Literature has provided three characterizations: integration represents interaction or communication activities; integration consists of collaborative activities between departments; and integration is a composite of interdepartmental intraction and interdepartmental collaboration. Adopting the composite view, prescribes that managers and researchers consider integration to be a multidimensional process. Proposes a model is based on this perspective to suggest that different logistics situations will require varying degrees of integration via interaction and collaboration. Managerial implications are discussed for each situation.