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Developing corporate culture as a competitive advantage (Развитие корпоративной культуры как конкурентного преимущества)

Опубликовано на портале: 01-09-2003
Journal of Management Development. 2001.  No. 10. P. 853-859. 
Defines the concept of corporate culture and shows how it affects organizations (both positively and negatively). Corporations that have been successful in establishing and fostering positive cultures are profiled. The authors find that an effective culture must be aligned with employee values and be consistent with the environment in which the organization operates. While it is best to establish a positive culture with which employees can identify during an organization's infancy, it is possible to change an existing culture. Such change is best accomplished by modeling desired behavior at all levels of management and by planning events that foster frequent interaction among cross-functional employees. Concludes that a positive culture can provide a significant competitive advantage.