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Valuing Household Transport in the UK - December 2001

Опубликовано на портале: 30-01-2003
Economic Trends. 2001.  no 577.
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The purpose of this article is to seek feedback on a new methodology being developed by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) to measure and value the output of household transport in the UK. This includes all modes of transport which are provided by the household such as car, van, motorcycle, bicycle and walking and all purposes where the cost is not already included in the UK National Accounts. The figures quoted in the article are provisional and should be interpreted cautiously, bearing in mind their sensitivity to some of the assumptions used and the sampling variability around the results. This work is experimental and the author invites feedback on the methodology and underlying assumptions.The paper outlines the information available form the National Travel Survey and the different options for valuing household transport. The second section describes the method used to gross the data and estimate the distance travelled by parties in the UK - initial estimates are included. The next section deals with the method used to value the distance travelled and looks at the sampling variability around the results. Where possible the sensitivity to certain assumptions has been tested. A brief description of how these results will fit into the transport account and areas for future developments conclude the article. The transport project is part of a programme of work to produce a Household Satellite Account (HHSA).