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Stories and the rhetoric of contrariety: Subtexts of organizing (change)

Опубликовано на портале: 05-01-2003
Cultures and Organization. 2002. 
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Stories are an important part of organizational life that scholars have studied from many different perspectives. In this paper, the authors contribute a new way of exploring the meaning of stories. The authors use a concept from classical rhetoric, the enthymeme, to help reveal the particular underlying logic contained in the story form, and show that the construction of this logic accounts, in part, for the engaging nature of the stories. The authors show that storytellers use enthymemes in the construction of their stories and also that scholars can use enthymemes to analyze stories). Understanding the enthymeme and its use in the story form enables interpreters to disentangle the argument often embedded in a story and to surface meanings that are implicit and powerful. This paper focus its attention on and examine such implicit meanings in four organizational stories of change in two city administrations, in order to illustrate the role of enthymeme in organizational rhetoric.
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