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Globalization and social security

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Опубликовано на портале: 17-01-2006
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"Globalization and social security" (by Victor Levashov) is devoted to sociological studies in the field of globalization, social security sustained development. Ontologically objective globalization - seen as interdependent planetary society in the making - processes root in fundamentally changing bases of human societal life. Analytic approach permits to single out some aspects of globalization such as communicational shrinkage of the world, growing global interdependence, making in place of an hierarchical society a global networks one with an economy working in real-time manner, growing interaction of cultures, de-etatization of international relations system. Destructive and constructive possibilities of global nature came to contradict archaic forms of social security, which had been for thousands of years built upon the principles of local communities, immortality of humankind and violence as an effective way to obtain material and spiritual supremacy. Growing scale and depth of global disparities and catastrophes ask for a new of global security system to be founded on cooperation and sustainable development.
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