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Taxability, Elections, and Government Support of Business Activity

Опубликовано на портале: 25-12-2003
Научные труды ЦЕФИР. 2003.  № 31.
Politicians care about tax revenues in part because they pay for transfers or public goods which are important to voters, and which are therefore important for the politician's reelection. Drawing uopn a survey of firms in twenty-three postcomminist countries - where overall tax capacity is in many places quite low, differences in taxabiliy across sectors is typically high, and government support for business activity is often lacking - the model's predictions are shown to hold generally in countries with well-developed political rights and civil liberties, but only partially in the rest of the postcommunist world. Politicians in more democtratic countries seem to be motivated by the electoral concerns central to this paper, while their counterparts in less democtratic states appear to be driven by revenue considirations for nonelectoral reasons.

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