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A Composite System Demand Analysis for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables in the United States

Опубликовано на портале: 12-05-2005
Journal of Food Distribution Research. 1996.  Vol. 27. No. 3. P. 11-22. 
Price and expenditure elasticities at retail level for 11 fresh fruits and 10 fresh vegetables were estimated by employing a composite demand system approach and using annual data. Most fresh fruits and vegetables were found to respond significantly to changes in their own prices but insignificantly to changes in total expenditures. The demand for fresh fruit group appeared to have had a clear upward trend since 1973. However, no significant trends were found in the demands for individual fresh fruits or vegetables. The study partially incorporated the interdependent demand relationships between fresh fruits (vegetables) and all other commodities, yet effectively avoided the problem of insufficient degrees of freedom.

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