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Supply Chain Partnerships for Private-Label Products: Insights From the United Kingdom

Опубликовано на портале: 13-04-2005
Journal of Food Distribution Research. 2000.  Vol. 31. No. 1. P. 14-23. 
This paper examines the factors that have driven UK suppliers of private-label products toward a culture of innovation and value creation and identifies the key distinguishing characteristics of some of the most successful private-label suppliers. Greater vertical coordination is at the heart of the transformation that the UK food industry is undergoing, so the focus of this paper is the development of supply chain partnerships for private- label products. The paper draws on recent results from our ongoing research into supply chain management. Structured interviews were conducted during the summer and autumn of 1999 with managing directors from a number of companies who specialize in the production of private-label products. The firms involved are primarily from the meat and fresh produce sectors—key destination categories of strategic importance in which retailers and their suppliers are working hard to develop sustainable competitive advantage.

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