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Believers' self-identification: social motivation

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Опубликовано на портале: 25-01-2005
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"Believers' self-identification: social motivation" (by Irina Karghina) summarizes results of recent (2000-2002) studies attempting to understand and explain specifics of believers' current attitudes to Christian churches in Russia. Author's research was not limited to interviewing believers, but involved also Protestant, for that case, priests. Following issues have been among crucial points of studies discussed: Why I am not in the Church? Why does a fraction of believing Christians leave Church? What do priests hold of reasons for believers to leave Church? What influence do unbelievers exert on believers? Etc. Key conclusion reached by author is a fact of deep inner organizational crisis in Christian churches of today Russia. Churches turned out to be unprepared for internal transformations and, moreover, for recognition of newly emerged needs of their parishioners.
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