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Putting people back into organizational learning (Возвращение к обучению людей в организации )

Опубликовано на портале: 17-12-2002
Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing. 2002.  No. 4. P. 270-281. 
There is an overemphasis on an outside-in, macro-organizational view of learning and an under-emphasis on the inside-out view which recognizes that people are the main agents of learning and change. Attempts at building a learning organization should start with an understanding of how adults learn and develop rather than elaborate ideas about competitive strategy, market research and information dissemination. Adult learning theory tells us that people learn primarily by being encouraged to tackle challenges, experiment, fail and correct failures and reflect on their experiences. The challenge in building learning organizations is fighting the bureaucratization that often replaces experimentation with control and routine. This paper examines the literature on market orientation, organizational learning and adult learning theory to identify how individual level learning can be maximized as a mechanism for enhancing organizational learning. Recommendations are made to integrate these streams of research and offer suggestions for further research.