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“Economic Correctness” and Agricultural Economics

Опубликовано на портале: 24-02-2005
Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics. 1993.  Vol. 25. No. 1. P. 1-13. 
This address is directed toward applied economists as they provide information to private and public decision makers, Central to this discussion is the role of markets as institutions in achieving society’s desired ends. Current “economic correctness’’--the view that unfettered markets are superior in achieving efficiency, growth, and welfare--has attempted to return a larger role to the private sector, but the relative roles of market-oriented versus government-oriented solutions to problems are often not well appraised. Views presented herein calls for agricultural economists to move simultaneously toward an understanding of the strategic behavior of firms in imperfectly competitive markets and toward an adoption of policy analysis consistent with a socially complex and globally integrated economy.

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