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A Target Consumer Profile and Positioning for Promotion of a New Locally Branded Beef Product

Опубликовано на портале: 13-04-2005
Journal of Food Distribution Research. 2004.  Vol. 31. No. 1. P. 193-197. 
This research examines the consumer profile and positioning for a new locally branded beef product. The research involves 413 beef consumers in California, The target consumers for the new locally branded beef product are approximately one-third of beef consumers in the local area. They are older, married, and from higher dual-income households. The target consumers for the new locally branded beef product are likely to have purchased other branded beef products. Approximately one-half of the beef consumers indicated that they make their meat purchase decisions in the store. The characteristics of beef that are important to the consumers when purchasing beef are price, quality, and appearance of the beef. Therefore, competitive pricing, packaging that highlights the product and point of purchase material that focuses on the brand concept are very important to the positioning and marketing of the new branded beef product.

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