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"Fathers" and "Children": for dialogue in relationship

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Опубликовано на портале: 19-04-2005
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«"Fathers" and "Children": for a dialogue in relationships» (by Vladimir Lissovski) is based on numerous 1999-2001 sociological surveys done in a number of major cities and small-size towns as well as townships of Russia. The focal point of the paper is social and cultural aspects in interrelations between 'fathers' and 'children' in the Russian society inder conditions of the current transformations. An outspoken deficit of positive values is stressed as a recently emergent trend to negatively influence mental attire of younger generation. Nevertheless sociological studies all over Russia have revealed that paternalistic attitudes long typical for the young are slowly giving place to greater activism, search and independence by the young people. They are more optimistic vis-a-vis the future and appear to acquire greater understanding for basic universally recognized human values. This is a source for optimistic hopes that a dialogue between 'fathers' and 'children' may eventually evolve, if it is not there already.
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