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Price, Quality, and Pesticide Related Health Risk Considerations in Fruit and Vegetable Purchases: An Hedonic Analysis of Tucson, Arizona Supermarkets

Опубликовано на портале: 12-05-2005
Journal of Food Distribution Research. 1996.  Vol. 27. No. 3. P. 59-76. 
National opinion polls indicate that pesticide residues on fresh fruits and vegetables remain an important concern of American consumers, despite a decade-long increase in per capita consumption levels for fresh fruits and vegetables. Increased availability of organically grown fruits and vegetables may change consumer produce purchase behavior which is often dominated by appearance considerations. Domestic consumers likely consider and tradeoff price, visual appearance, and health risk when buying fresh produce. This paper uses an hedonic framework to examine price, appearance, and health risk considerations made by Tucson, Arizona shoppers in 1994.

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