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A Target Consumer Profile and Positioning for Promotion of Value-Added Salad Products: A Case Study

Опубликовано на портале: 13-05-2005
Journal of Food Distribution Research. 1999.  Vol. 30. No. 1. P. 149-155. 
A consumer survey was used to generate a demographic profile of the target market for value-added produce products compared to consumers who purchase bulk produce products. Those who purchase value-added produce products are more likely to be young, single, and without children than are those who do not purchase value-added produce products. The produce characteristics that are most desirable to consumers when making their purchase decision were identified. The extremely to very desirable characteristics of produce are those that concern taste, quality, and value. The very to somewhat desirable characteristics of produce are those that relate to the convenience of using and buying produce. Consumers' perceptions of the characteristics of packaged salad products versus head lettuce were evaluated. The haracteristics of produce that provide packaged salad with a relative advantage over head lettuce were identified for use in a promotional campaign by producers of packaged salad products.

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