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Democratic values. Freedom a la russe

русская версия

Опубликовано на портале: 26-12-2005
"Democratic values. Freedom a-la-russe" (by Nelli Romanovitch) raises the question of social and cultural causes for a specific attitude prevailing among Russians towards democratic freedoms. Basing her conclusions on an analysis of opinion polls in Voronezh region (European Russia) author defines some bases for an arguable exchange of democratic values for safety and life comfort values. A hypotheses is put forward stipulating that Russians' 'indifference' to democratic values might be linked to specific image of the state dominant in Russians' consciousness. State according to the Russian ideal pattern would be rooted in religious and cultural traditions of Christian Orthodox understanding of freedom, - a notion by far not extinguished under conditions of Russian modernity. This hypothesis is yet to be studied in a wider societal context.
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