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Village in 1990's: trends in everyday activities

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Опубликовано на портале: 14-01-2006
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"Village in 1990's: trends in everyday activities" (by Victor Artemov) bases his deliberations on 30 years long series of longitudinal studies of conditions, lifestyles, time uses, daily activities in Siberian rural areas including biseasonal surveys in 1975-76, 1986-87, 1994. and 1999. Methodological, admini- strative, and analytical consistency in collection and organization of the data resulting from the above studies is duly described. The four temporal poinst of surveys cover historically and socially significant periods differing in economic, social, political and psychological terms. Provisional results yield of in 1999 empirically gathered data leads authors to postulate the fact of transition from adaptation to changing conditions of life (early 1990's) to adaptation to frameworks brought about by market economy - in late 90'. Prospects for this transition however are far from being clear as regards individuals, families, rural areas, and the nation as a whole. Instead of development, adaptation means survival in practical terms so far.
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