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The Utilization of Value-Based Management: An Empirical Analysis

Опубликовано на портале: 21-06-2006
Financial Practice and Education. 1999.  Vol. 9. No. 1.
The objective of this paper is to provide information on how value-based management is perceived, implemented, and utilized in leading industrial corporations in the US, and to examine factors that influence the decision to utilize it. We gather data through a survey of the chief financial officers (CFOs) of a large sample of US industrial corporations, in order to ascertain their opinions of and experiences with value-based management systems and metrics. The results suggest that there is room for improvement in the design and implementation of value-based management systems. If value-based management is to have an impact on corporate strategy and value and reduce intra-firm agency costs, then its scope within the firm may need to be expanded.
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