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Политика заработной платы российских предприятий

русская версия

Опубликовано на портале: 09-11-2006
The salary policy of Russian enterprises (by Rostislav Kapeljushnikov). The analysis of the process of salary-formation can underpin micro economical basis to out-of-order behavior of Russian labor in the conditions of the transitional crisis. Peculiarities of the Russian model of salary-formation are described on the basis of questioning Heads of Russian enterprises. The central element of the Russian model in salary-formation is a close reference of the salary to the results of the activities as well as the profitability of the companies. Such reference intensifies sharply the differentiation in the salary because employees possessing equal human capital will get considerably different salaries depending on where they work: either in financially safe or financially unsafe enterprises. In this model, besides the noticed relatively weak dependence of the salary from the general situation in the market, things that can't be combined are combined paradoxically: active presence of elements of collectively agreed regulations; close to absolute authority of the Management; active usage of the State rules as reference points in creating in-company systems of labor payment. The reference to the State rules was not strict; decision of increasing salaries could only be sanctioned by the Management. The more often the State corrected the established standards of payment, the more scaled were this updating and the stronger became the stimulus for the company to refuse from using such 'rules'. This can explain a huge spread in salaries' levels between the companies and it constitutes one of the most peculiar traits of the Russian labor market. Inter-company differentiation of salaries is a source of general inequality of profits; in this rate Russia has left behind most of the post-soviet countries.
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