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Situation In The Russian Military-Industrial Complex MIC And Methods Of Overcoming The System Crisis

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Опубликовано на портале: 22-11-2004
The article considers the peculiarities of the MIC crisis situation raised after disintegration of the USSR. Since 1992 the conventional order of developing and financing the defence R&D projects has been destroyed. This cansed the scientific staffs to degrade and disintegrate. At MIC enterprises the civil manufacturing was reduced and the serial production of the sophisticated patterns of arms and military techniques no longer exists. Conversion programs have failed because of unsatisfactory financing. However, there are some reserves for MIC growth providing military-technicul cooperation. The structural overchanging of MIC is now under way, but here there are many problems to resolv. To overcome the crisis in MIC effective strategical measures should be taken in implementig state 10-15 year programme.
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