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Financial Behavior Of Households In Russia In The Mid-90S

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Опубликовано на портале: 22-11-2004
The article analyzes the nature of households financial behavior by revealing household groups with different patterns of financial behavior. Financial behavior is viewed as the households behavior related to the operation with money which is out of the current consumption. The study is based on the data of the Russian monitoring of economic situation and health of the population (RLMS). As a result, the models of households financial behavior were built and empirically verified. Moreover, four household groups were distinguished: savers, dissavers, combi-model group (which adopt the mixed strategy), and passive group. The results obtained characterize the dynamic and differentiation of money volumes connected with exhibiting negative and positive financial behavior of the population; prevalence of different financial behavior patterns, their stability and reproduction, as well as the relation between social-economic, social-demographic and value characteristics.
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