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'New Orthodox' in Russia: type or stereotype of religiousness

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Опубликовано на портале: 26-06-2006
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"New Orthodox in Russia: type or stereotype of religiousness" attempts to answer the question raised in some scholarly studies about 'new Orthodox' allegedly emerged in Russia to be termed a new phenomenon of religious life. First, author analyses the 'new believers' notion within frame- works of western sociology of religion, and then in Russian scholars' writing. This analysis makes author to affirm that opposing 'new believers' to 'old Church" seems to be artificial. A source for this misperception is seen in insufficient understanding of tradition, a fact barring a clear vision of the 'new'. Other sources are, arguably, Marxist philosophical tradition influence where 'basis' determines superstructure', as well as political influences reflecting some politicians' desire to rebuild state-church relations in Russia in accordance with US-pattern.
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