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"The Orange Revolution" — Aftermath

русская версия

Опубликовано на портале: 06-08-2006
The author examines the evaluations of the Autumn-Winter 2004 Ukrainian events using the data of representative all-Ukrainian survey carried out in February-March 2005 by the Institute of Sociology, Ukraine Academy of Sciences. Mass judgments on the reasons, character, motive forces and the course of the "orange revolution" are differentiated according to participation or non-participation of respondents in the events, their region of living (West, East, Center, South), ethnocultural identification (Russians, Ukrainians). The author believes that civil mobilization that secured the victory to the "Orange revolution" was not limited by initiative groups, pro-reformational parties, non-governmental organizations but has activated basic features of sociability (social capitals) of the Ukrainian population, such as trust to a fellow person, solidarity, mutual help, tolerance, tact, civility and other characteristics of daily behavior. But the revolution has marked only the first though necessary protest stage of shaping new forms of civil activity in the Ukrainian society. The power, the Ukrainian political elites face now the objectives of forming up the strategies and mechanisms of dialogue with various social groups and layers, of stating new formats of public policy. The forthcoming 2006 election campaign, the author concludes, will be no less dramatic and difficult for the Ukrainian society than the trial in late 2004.
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