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Ситуация на рынке труда в оценках населения: 1999 год

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Опубликовано на портале: 27-11-2006
The Situation on the Labour Market in the Assessments by the Population: 1999 (by Irina Perova). The study attempts to assess current changes and conditions on the labour market from the positions of a subjective perception of the existing situation, and view the problem of unemployment from the standpoint of its social significance. As indicators reflecting the situation on the labour market, the following ones have been examined. First, employed people's expectations of mass redundancies at their enterprises (organisations). Second, personal expectations of losing jobs in the near future because of staff reduction or liquidation of workplaces. Third, the scale of part-time employment. Fourth, assessments of prospects for a new job placement. Fifth, work-related attitudes of the employed and unemployed people under conditions of unemployment. The findings of surveys have recorded some improvement in the situation on the labour market by the beginning of 2000. This is characterised, first, by a reduction in the danger of mass staff reductions at enterprises and organisations, second, reduction in personal apprehensions of losing jobs in the near future because of staff reduction or liquidation of workplaces, and third, an improvement in assessments of prospects for finding a new job by people currently employed if they would be fired. At the same time, at some enterprises the necessity of redundancy is how as before substituted by preservation of redundant employment due to part-time work (short working days or weeks). Attitudes of employed people as regards keeping to the available job are not changing notwithstanding would-be arrears and incomplete payment of wages. The willingness of unemployed people stays high (87 per cent of unemployed respondents) as regards sacrificing their interests in the matter of earnings and opportunities of self-realisation against getting any job. All these facts testify to the preservation of the tense atmosphere on the labour market in spite of the positive alterations that have become visible.
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