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Agrarian transformations in the A.V. Chayanov works

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Опубликовано на портале: 26-09-2006
"Agrarian transformations in the A.V. Chayanov works" (by Alexandr Nikoukin) presents a view on the academic heritage of Alexandr Chayanov (1887-1937), a major Russian student of agrarian economy, sociology, history and geography, a leader of the so called production organization school. The world economy, in Chayanov's view, has to be looked at as a conglomerate of various economic forms and patterns built on differing principles of organization. In this light, he had also tried to analyze the Russian agriculture passing through a number of giant transformations during his lifetime. Under harsh soviet conditions Chayanov had focused his attention on the family economies and their co-operation, on the one hand, and the emergent relationships between the soviet state and rural Russia, on the other.
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