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Danilevski on Russia, Europe, and Slavonic unity

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Опубликовано на портале: 13-10-2004
"N.Ya. Danilevski on Russia, Europe, and Slavonic unity" (by Leonid Abalkin) is dedicated to 180th anniversary of N.Ya. Danilevski birthday focussing on his book "Russia and Europe. A view on cultural and political relations of Slavonic world with German-Roman one" (1871). Largely unnoticed at the time of its appearance, it had become later famous when times had come to reflect on Russia's destinies and Russian patriotism. Emphasizing theoretical innovations of the book, in particular, civilizations approach, author turns to contemporary meaning of Danilevski's ideas including various forms of Slavonic cooperation and unity, recent repercussions of Slavophil-Westernizer debate, East and West interrelationships. Present-day polemics in Russian scholarly literature on the country's geographic and geopolitical belonging in the glo- balizing world is attended, too, as an aspect of what author terms historical synthesis to come.
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