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Динамика рейтингов и социальный состав электоратов В.Ющенко и В.Януковича в избирательной кампании 2004 г.

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Опубликовано на портале: 05-10-2006
The Dynamics of Ratings and Social Composition of V.Yushchenko and V.Yanukovich Electorates in 2004 Election Campaign (by Valeryi KhmePko). The author, the President of Kiev International Institute of Sociology, examines the dynamics of co-relative ratings of Viktor Yushchenko and Viktor Yanukovich and carries out comparative analysis of social composition of these candidates supporters. Pre-election struggle has resulted in considerable regional polarization of their supporters along the line West—North—South—East that manifested itself in voters' distribution in the final election tour according to the findings of exit-poll carried out by the author, as well as to the official data. The outcomes of comparing various polls testify to the effect that in the last year President elections the distribution of voices between two leading candidates appeared to be connected mostly with two socio-cultural characteristics of voters: with their identification as either Ukrainian-language or Russian-language citizens. Belonging to one of the two main ethnic groups in Ukraine — the Ukrainians and the Russians — was much more significant that any other social and demographic characteristics of respondents.
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