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Institutional Analysis of Corporate Form of Enterprise

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Опубликовано на портале: 12-11-2004
The nature and causes of formation of corporations in the West and in Russia are analyzed, and a comparative institutional analysis of different styles (ways of realization) of corporate forms of enterprises is given. Results of research indicate that in almost all the countries the formation and making of corporations has been accompanied with the myths of increase in production efficiency and emergence of an effective owner, while the formation of corporations as a form of organizing business first of all has been dictated by the necessity of attracting investments, for which a financial instrument like stock has been created. Classification of different corporate models based on institutional features, as well as classification of corporate forms of enterprises based on their participation or non-participation in the hierarchy or group is provided. Accent on the specific form of Russian managerial corporation, based on the personal interests of corporate management, is made.
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