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Работодатели о современном состоянии рабочей силы и профессиональном образовании

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Опубликовано на портале: 08-10-2006
Employers' Opinions on Contemporary Manpower Characteristics and Occupational Training (by Marina Krasilnikova). The paper examines the issue of matching the quality and quantity of employees and the requirements of production. The survey of employers' opinions on labor resources usage revealed rather high level of satisfaction with the quality of manpower available as well as lack of great problems connected with inconsistency between the number of the employed and modern production requirements. At the same time shortage of personnel and low level of qualification were mentioned by a considerable share of employers. This concerns mainly two personnel categories, namely highly qualified specialists of line departments and qualified workers.
The analysis of causes for personnel shortage shows that it depends on both the demand and the character of labor force supply. The less qualified the labor the more successfully the restrictions of demand are overcome (the issues of payment).
The restrictions in supply of all qualification levels manpower are connected with professional training. The employers' claims to this educational system became more and more considerable. Mistrust to this system makes employers seek experienced employees and not hire young graduates. This refers first of all to the system of primary and secondary vocational education.
Thus not only the majority of population (employees) aim at getting higher education but the employers themselves are willing to collaborate mainly with the system of higher professional education mistrusting the lower degrees of professional training. We may say that the balance of interests is achieved though it can hardly be called effective and hence stable.
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