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Концентрация собственности и поведение российских промышленных предприятий

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Опубликовано на портале: 08-10-2006
Property Concentration and Behavior of Russian Industrial Enterprises (by Rostislav Kapelushnikov, Natalya Dyomina). Basing on the data of Russian Economic Barometer (REB) the authors trace the shifts in property distribution at Russian industrial enterprises that took place during postprivatization period (1995-2003) and estimate the level of its concentration. Russian privatization led to concentration of the main share holding in the hands of insiders, that is managers and employees. Starting property distribution is strongly biased in their favour. Even in 2003 insiders remained the largest group of shareholders with the average size of holding about 47% at the enterprises that were respondents of REB. Property structure was constantly undergoing dramatic changes during the post-privatization period. The process of shares redistribution was going in three main directions: first, from employees to managers; second, from insiders to outside share holders; and third, from the state to non-state share holders. The size of share holding belonging to the first major owner is negatively related to performance indicators. The identity of major owners has no apparent impact on the outcome of economic activity. Concentration of significant share holdings in the hands of the second major share holders positively influences performance indicators. The usual practice of constructing concentration indicators as cumulative share holdings belonging to the groups of the first three, five or ten major share holders may lead to misunderstanding (at least in the context of transitional economies), since such groups are most often heterogeneous and their members may influence the economic activity of enterprises in various directions.
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